In 1913, Julius and Hanna Didrikson started up the manufacturing of oil garments in Grundsund, Sweden. Here, on the rim of the western coastline where Sweden meets the ocean, there was a constant need from the local fishing industry. To continuously improve the product, it was important to be close to the users.

Through the years many historical milestones have past, such as oil garments being substituted by rubber material in 1930. The greatest breakthrough occurred in 1947 when the welding machine was invented that had the capability of making the garment waterproof. The first polyurethane materials were developed in 1981, and this began the big volume sales to ordinary consumers. Around the same time, the developments of rain sets made of breathable materials revolutionize the rainwear market.

Didriksons is still the market leader of functional clothing. Customers include hunters, golfers, active people and fishermen, but more of the leisure fishing kind with need for modern functional clothing.